GESTA Business Solutions was born with the union executives that, from their experience of over two decades working in national and international companies, aim to be an orientation agent, support and serve in the areas of accounting, financial, tax, labor, technology and outsourcing, meeting the demands of micro, small, medium and large companies.

GESTA has a team of professionals with extensive experience in the areas of Information Technology (IT), Financial, Accounting, Tax, Accounting and Payroll.

Among the numerous projects developed in national and international companies in all industries and size we can highlight:

  • Reduction cost plan;
  • Process mapping;
  • Implementation of ERP management systems;
  • Payroll Implementation;
  • Strategic and financial planning;
  • Audit of internal controls;
  • Tax planning;
  • International Accounting;
  • Startup companies;
  • Update team of employees in tax, legal and operational obligations.