Portal subscription allows you to create workflows subscriptions, digitally sign and share documents with authorized persons in the process.


Legal compliance

Subscription Portal was developed following the user authentication standards and secures digital signatures in the long term, with particular focus on the digital certificates of ICP Brazil.

Preparation of documents for signature

All the features you need to prepare your documents for signature. Add signatories, set the order of signatures, document permissions, legal notices and more. Create workflow models and automatically apply them in future documents.

User authentication

Subscription Portal can check the identity of people in your signature process using various techniques. The authentication architecture allows you to configure single-factor authentication methods or multiple factors, as well as use existing digital IDs external identity services providers.

Review and sign documents

Subscription Portal enables management of approval workflows to simulate real-world management scenarios, such as delegated signature, group signature and signature mass of multiple documents at once.

Accessing from anywhere

Subscription Portal is universal and can be used from any device, any operating system and any browser. The Subscription Portal API also enables the integration of functionality in their own applications.

Management control

Implement the Subscription Portal in your organization and invite their employees to the platform. Manage access permissions and set their own corporate signature policies.

Tracking and Document Management

 Subscription Portal provides complete visibility of the process of signing of the document in real time.

Operational Flow Subscription Portal

There are only three steps to using the service